Newborn session - What to expect?

Every newborn session is different. There is no one rule suits all when it comes to newborn sessions. It's important to remember that your beautiful baby will do as they please and we have to work around them during their session.

When booking your session I will send a questionnaire to you that will give me a little more insight into the session you are after. Please answer the questions truthfully so I am able to prepare for your session. I want you to feel comfortable & relaxed during our session. I supply all outfits, swaddles and headwear for bub and offer outfits for mum too. I want to take the worry out of organising yourself for a photoshoot as much as I can.

When you arrive at the studio, I will welcome you in and we will have a chat to make sure everyone is comfortable. We will then look at getting bub and mum changed and ready for the photos. We will let Bub take the lead during the session and work around them entirely. I do not, at any point want them to be uncomfortable.

If you're comfortable with me taking photos of your little babe being fed we can also do so. We will aim to take a rang of photos during the session but this is all dependant on how bub is doing.

I encourage you to hold off feeding your little one until you arrive. I understand this isn't always possible but the reason I ask this is once you arrive we will pop bub into one of my outfits, then have them feed and this usually will calm your baby & hopefully put them to sleep. I have spent so much time rocking newborns to sleep, I absolutely do not mind doing this. Bum tapping, giving them a little wiggle, head stroking, you name it, I've done it. I always try to keep my room at a perfect temperature for the babies. I understand it may be hot for mum and dad but we want to keep your little one comfortable. Newborns do not always sleep during their session and that is totally fine, I will always attempt to get some sleepy shots but sometimes they just don't want to miss out. I have no time frame on when is best to capture your little babe but if you're really after some sleepy shots, under 10 days new you have a much higher chance of them drifting back off to sleep but is not always the case.

I always start with taking images with sibling to get them done so that they don't get over waiting around for it to be there turn. I have had people bring along a grandparent to then take the young children out for a bit while we focus on bub. This is always a handy idea if possible.

My newborn session's range from 1.5-2.5 hours, so it can be a long time for young children to wait around.